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Last Friday, I updated an strange message: “Our projects and our dreams begin with a suitcase”. Then, I confess this project and dream were started this weekend.

I think to be an international lawyer, but not the kind of lawyer who university touch us, no, this kind. Last week, I updated an article saying to be an international lawyer you must to know many law jurisdictions, not only just one, and it’s true. For this I take the decision: “if I become an international lawyer, I need to know many law jurisdictions!” There is a dream and the project!

For this, We’ll go to enjoy a country, a city with my Schnucki, learning new things and later, with calm, I’ll write a post in the new section of this blog: #KombatLaw, where I’ll explain a fact and I’ll compare the local jurisdiction with the Spanish’s &/or catalan’s ones!

Do you want to begin this journey with me? Let’s go, we’re taking off and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #KombatLaw in this blog!

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